I seek new ways to help 

Biodiversity Conservation 

in a changing climate

by understanding emerging threats.


ecologist & conservationist


I am a conservation biologist, currently completing my doctoral thesis at the University of Toronto. 

My PhD research focuses on understanding the spread and impact of the winter tick parasite, especially in northern Canada in Yukon.  Through my work, I aim to inform the conservation and management of winter tick hosts (particularly moose and caribou). 

My approach is multi-disciplinary - I use a combination of methods that range from designing field studies to formulating models, and engaging key stakeholders through citizen science and outreach initiatives, such as my Yukon Winter Tick Monitoring Project. During my Masters, I used novel expert elicitation methods to inform and model the potential spread of aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes.

I am also interested in how science can better inform policy, particularly in terms of conservation and wildlife management with respect to species recovery planning and mitigation of invasive species.

You can follow the links, above, to find out more about my current projects, publications and outreach initiatives. 

Emily S. Chenery
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